PfSense chaining (sort of)

  • Hi,

    I'm running a ESXi server with currently one pfSense install. It's configured with the DNS server, DHCP server and Squid running in transparant proxy mode.

    I'm thinking of solving the transparant proxy / traffic shaping problems with chaining 2 pfSense installs, the scheme would look something like this:

    WWW    ->    pfSense QoS      -> pfSense Squid/DNS/DHCP      ->    LAN

    pfSense Qos WAN : PPPoE
    pfsense Qos LAN :

    pfsense Squid WAN: DG:
    pfsense Squid LAN: 192.168.1. (DG for my clients)

    Would this work? These addresses are examples, but would it work in this configuration?
    Should I configure my clients with DG .3 or .1 ?

    Thanks for helping me out!

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