Package update : how to

  • Hi,

    I have squid installed and the "Installed Packages" page proposes either to [Reinstall this package] or to [Reinstall this package's GUI components.].

    Could you explain what is the difference between these 2 reinstall ? How should I know which one to choose ?

    Thank you,


  • GUI - graphic interface. You can reinstall full package or only GUI

  • 1- with the "reinstall this package" button, i always loose the package configuration, how can i keep it ?

    2- with the "reinstall this package's gui component", i keep the configuration but WILL I get the new features of the upgrade ?

    thanks again

    1. No

    1. No, you don't loose anything except own handmade config-changes! You even can deinstall a package, make an update of pfSense, then do a new install of the package and your settings are the same as before.

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