QoS functionality question

  • Hi all,

    I have a little question. I need to turn my old laptop into home router & mini server. I think pfSense can help me with main requirements (firewall, NAT, QoS & traffic shaping etc.).

    Also I'm planning to install asterisk (for sip proxy), rtorrent (for 24x7 torrent seeding), samba (for file sharing) and some IP radio client (for music) onto this router. I really need it..

    So, I'd like to have traffic prioritization enabled for all my applications and services - I mean for hosted on router as well as for hosted beyond the router on LAN.

    Could I make it with pfSense? Will the QoS / L7 rules be applied to a hosted-on-router rtorrent, asterisk, samba and some other stuff?

    Elsewhere, I'm thinking about creation of a virtual machine on this router, and putting all those applications into this VM.

    I will appreciate all of your thoughts and advices regarding my question and wishes.

    Thanks in advance.

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