FTP and Hardware Load Balancer

  • Greetings to everyone,
    I am a new pfsense user. My version is 1.2.3-RC3. My network infrastructure uses a h/w load balancing 4wan router as the gateway after that is pfsense with 3 interfaces. WAN is directly connected to the h/w lb router LAN port, LAN interface is for my internal network with ftp proxy enabled and OPT1 is for my wireless clients with captive portal and ftp proxy enabled. I have configured the flow policy of the load balancer to forward all the outbound traffic to port 21 through WAN1 interface but when a client on the LAN or OPT1 initiates one ftp connection to the internet, I see from my h/w router logs that all the connections to port 21 goes to right interface but the ftp-proxy app opens other ports also and gets load balanced and that breaks ftp. The question is: Is there anyway to restrict what ports are going to be used from ftp sessions so I can configure my h/w router to realy these from a specific WAN port? I want to do this in the pfsense box so I do not have to configure my ftp clients.

    Thank you in advance and please forgive my English…

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