Additional option for Squid Guard's safesearch?

  • I'm not sure if this is the place to suggest an more detailed option. I have been testing the 2.0 Alpha and so far it is GREAT. I am using the Squid proxy server with Squid Guard and I look the safe search option. Is it possible to take it one step further and add an option for strict in addition to active? I have tried to change &safe=active to &safe=strict in the squidguard_conf.xml but as soon as I reload SquidGuard or reboot it reverts back to &safe=active. Is there any quick fix I might be able to use for the time being?

    Any and all suggestions are always appreciated.


  • /usr/local/pkg/

  • Thank you so much, it works perfect now!!!!!

    Just in case you are wondering, using just active, if you go to google video section and search for "Line 6 Spider 3 150 watt" and click on page 2 it shows some rather extreme porn images. My 15 year old son pointed that out to me as he was looking things up about guitar amps.

    Thank you again, now this is perfect.


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