ICMP ping always in default queue

  • Hello all,

    I have been playing with pfSense since v1.0. It's a great product and many thanks for the developers!

    I have tried trillion tricks and different configurations to get ICMP ping traffic to some other than default queue. Or, actually I manage to get into P2P queue when I have enabled P2PCatchAll.

    I saw a very old message about this same issue, but there were no replies.

    So please, is there anybody who could provide me some  help to make pfSense to identify ICMP pings correctly? This same problem has been at least in versions 1.2REL, 1.2.3RC and 2.0 alpha-alpha (October 19 snapshot).

    For example simple screenshots or configs are welcome.

    Thanks in advance,


  • i made this post about year ago referencing an older post with the same issue with no resolution, never got a reply. hope you have better luck

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