Check out the uptime :)

  • fw0 - 344 days, 12:49
    fw1 - 344 days, 12:35


  • Very nice :)

  • Beats me  ;)

    2 Systems (CARP Cluster)

    built on Sun Jan 22 23:56:00 UTC 2006

    224 days, 23:10
    224 days, 23:20

  • these are clustered as well

    built on Wed Aug 31 21:32:00 UTC 2005

    now just don't tell me there is some glaring security issue with them that I dont know about hehe.  I decided to stop upgrading once we went into production and they "just worked"  Figured I'd wait for a couple 1.0.x stable releases to come out before I jumped through the hoops again with reinstalling everything.  Hopefully it'll hit 1.0 some day hehe :)

  • No security issues, more or less some special configurations not working if you set them up, glitches of some sort. Apperantly they don't affect your configuration. And some Features are missing that have been integrated later.  ;)

  • Yeah there are some hokey things with it :)  Certain config changes don't take affect until reboot.  Ones that did take affect immediately with prior versions.  Eitherway, everything is working well :)  One thing thats kind of a pain is I can't ftp out from the OPT networks (so we had to relocate one job to our development server on the LAN network).  Scott knew about the issue back then I can imagine its probably fixed by now.

  • Most likely, you should upgrade  ;D

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