DNS Server Issues while Load Balancing - 2WAN 1LAN, pfSense 1.2.2

  • Hi,

    I just finished setting up pfSense 1.2.2 for my company, and we're experiencing some difficulties with domain name resolution over the OPT1 WAN interface when load balancing. Names are resolving without issue over the WAN connection, but when I try to ping domain names from the Ping interface on pfSense my pings timeout. I have both interfaces set up with static IPs, and the DNS entries in the General Setup are configured as recommended in the Multi-WAN documentation - the first from the WAN1 connection, the second from the WAN2 (OPT1) connection.

    Is there any way to explicitly assign a DNS address to a specific interface? I think that being able to assign specific DNS addresses to each interface might help correct the issue.

  • IMO, the easiest way to deal with multi-WAN is to use internal DNS servers. If you cannot do this, following the multi-WAN instructions and adding a static route to one of your DNS servers via the secondary interface should work. You should watch your states, and verify the DNS queries are going out the correct interface.

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