Can dhclient renewal time be extended?

  • I'm useing IPSec with DHCP ISP. Everything is ok except IPSec periodically disconnected for 3 seconds in every hour. I found that it was due to the short dhclient renewal time. The renewal time is 3600 seconds (an hour). Is there anyway I can extend the dhclient renewal time to 1 or 2 monthes? I tried to add "renew 60;" option to dhclient.conf file. But I could not even find dhclient.conf on pfsense. I'm using RC2i.

    Thank you in advance.

  • I believe that this is dictated by the ISP.  Not sure changing the default ISP's timeout is a good idea.

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, I have the luxury of using static IP's.

  • I'm also not sure if it will be possible. Anyway I'd like to test it. But the problem is I cannot find dhclient.conf on pfsense.
    I created this file at /etc/dhclient.conf but strangely it was eliminated after rebooting pfsense. I'm useing embedded platfom. But I made this config file after /etc/rc.conf_mount_rw.

  • Nearly all conf files are dynamically generated on changes and/or bootup from the config.xml. The changes you do manually will  be more or less soon be gone.

  • Then, is there no way to configure dhclient manually in pfsense?

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