Triple Wan and Load Balancing/Failover

  • I was wondering if anyone could help me with my triple wan set up. I had my dual wan working fine, but when I add the third ISP I came across some new problems. So heres my setup.
    Load balancing
    Wan monitors
    opt1 monitors
    opt2 monitors
    Wan-> opt1
    opt1-> opt2
    opt2-> wan
    So the problem i have is when I check my failovers. Load balancing seem to be working fine. If unplug just wan its shows it as offline and says opt1 and opt2 are online. If I unplug just opt1 it says opt1 and opt2 are offline and wan is online. If I unplug just opt2 everythings still comes up as online. I don't know why but it seems that opt2 is linked to opt1. Do I have somethign set up wrong? Any help would be awesome.


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    That is OpenDNS servers…???? Why??

  • That was just how I had it set up when had dual wan and it work. Is it better to have them monitor their gateway IP? I tried this and it didn't make a difference.

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    Dont you have 3 public IP adresses from your ISP??

  • I tried setting my load balancing to monitor their own IP address. this gave me 1 and 3 online while 2 was for some reason offline. now when i set it back to my original configuration, if i disable opt 1, it shows all three as offline. Is there anyone that has a triple wan system with loadbalacancing and fail over working? any help would be appriciated

  • Three? You lazy so and so, me got six WAN.
    Really, this should be fine provided your connections have unique gateways. I would guess that having connections on private IPs or with dynamic addresses would complicate matters.

  • So what problems would happen if the gateways are identical? How would i go about setting it up corretly?

  • You just need to pick a unique IP for each connection to monitor. I usually use something on the provider's side- other side of the T circuit, etc. If the gateways for two connections were the same, it would cause routing problems, as the firewall would not which interface to route the traffic out.

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