DNS forwarder underscores

  • I finally solved a really annoying problem today by creating an override in the DNS forwarder for "my_netbios_name.mydomain.com". Of course, PFSense didn't allow the underscores, until I made this fix:
    The problem now, though, is that I can't remove the override I created with an "_". Even worse, when I attempt to remove it, it removes another one at random instead. Is there another function I can edit to allow this to be deleted, if necessary.

  • I suppose I could have edited the config.xml file directly, but because PFSense does not seem to handle MX records correctly (I need my web server to send e-mail to my e-mail server!), I was forced to override the entire domain, and setup a new DNS server. I was able to delete all the overridden DNS records, including the ones with underscores, and now I can revert util.inc back to normal.

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