Ssh lockout please help!!!!

  • Due to missing users i got a ssh-lockout. Looking around I found in config.xml this: usr/bin/nice -n20 /usr/local/sbin/expiretable -v -t 3600 sshlockout
    executing via the webif the command with -t 0 had no effect.
    Restarting ssh without any effect. How can I reset the anti-lockout manually????

  • I also found the ssh lockout to be incredibly frustrating.  I would vote to have more sane limits for the ssh lockout rules.  Maybe something like 5 failed logins in one hour gets you locked out, not one failed login.

  • Its 5 attempts, but would be nice to know how reset it manually

  • Sorry, I was going off of an old experience I had.  I thought it was one.

  • you can unlock the ssh lockout by typing
    #pfctl -t sshlockout -T flush
    from the webgui command page

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