FreeRadius on 1.2.3 RC3

  • Dear All :

    How to running FreeRadius on embedded pfSense 1.2.3 RC3??

    The FreeRadius package is installed, But service is not running. The radius.log is shown below:

    Wed Oct 28 00:11:50 2009 : Info: Using deprecated naslist file.  Support for this will go away soon.
    Wed Oct 28 00:11:50 2009 : Info: rlm_exec: Wait=yes but no output defined. Did you mean output=none?
    Wed Oct 28 00:11:50 2009 : Error: rlm_counter: Failed to open file /usr/local/etc/raddb/db.daily: Read-only file system
    Wed Oct 28 00:11:50 2009 : Error: radiusd.conf[197]: daily: Module instantiation failed.

    Thanks for your help !!

  • i had a similar problem with snort and i think a lot of the package issues are related to the embedded/nanobsd being read only.
    whatever admin(thanks jimp) did, (something to do with read/write) it fixed it for me. maybe the same has to be done with this package?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    FreeRADIUS may need to be excluded from embedded. I have been trying to track down a way to make it happy but I think it will end up needing constant write access to really work properly, not to mention it may need special handling to backup and restore its data since /var/ is a memory disk on embedded.

    I haven't had any more time to spend working on that one, since it will require a lot more than a few simple read/write calls like the other packages.

  • Is it be possible to have the core running off of flash and have a hard drive to store options that require rw? This would allow for the core to always be on a DOM and have some kind of script to setup a drive for the RW things like http caching and radius logging ect..

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It might be possible in the future, but it is not something there is support for at the moment. Not in the gui anyhow.

    I doubt something like that would even make 2.0 at this point since it is in a feature freeze, but perhaps sometime later.

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