Routing some outbound through VPN

  • Hi,

    I'm thinking of perhaps routing some or part of outgoing traffic through a VPN tunnel of some sort, instead of through ISP, I guess OpenVPN and IPSec are the ones available (since there is no PPTP client yet).

    Is there a description of such a scenario somewhere perhaps? In short what does it demand? Is it in part analogue to this: ? A few short pointers might save me hours of trial and errors so… :)


  • This project of mine is coming closer, I did a search and found this earlier post of mine, that I had forgotten… And no answers still.

    My question is still the same. I noticed there's an entry in WIKI here:  but I'm not sure it covers everything, seems a bit short.

    Anybody doing this?


  • I too would like to know, specifily the ability to set rules up for what local ip:port the traffic comes from since that is the only part I control on the PfSense side.

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