Weird WAN speed problems

  • Hi, i'm having a waerd problem with pfsense 1.2.3-rc and the 1.2.2 stable after it has been running the firewall for a while my WAN connection speed drops to half what it should be. a reboot of the firewall will fix the issue everything runs smootly a while after the reboot and the it starts alla over again.

    Has any one experienced sama kind of behavior and has any one be able to fix this issue at firs i thougt that it was my virtual enviroment that caused this behavior but then i installed pfsense into real hardware 2,66Gzh intel dual core with 2Gb of ram so hardware should not be the issue here.

    my isp has checked the line it's ok and if i use a computer connected directly to my adsl modem the speed is correct while pfsense only has half of the speed i used havp and tought it might cause it. made again clena install but the problem is still occuring. i've seen before registring few similar kind of problems in here but haven't seen any kind of good reply what migh cause it. i would like to still use pfsense, but if i cannot get this fixed i need to change to something else.

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