Pfsense w/o hdd

  • From reading around I've gathered that pfsense can be run without the
    use of a hard drive, using only the live cd and, say, a usb stick to hold
    my configs/rules.  Is this correct?

    But if I want to use any of the optional packages, then I do need have a
    hdd in my system, is this right?

    Is there any other reason why a hdd would be necessary other than for
    the optional packages?

    Is there any reason why a hdd would be desirable?


  • The additional packages usually access the harddisk a lot.
    IE: squid uses to hdd to cache.

    Standard flash drives have a limited number of write cycles. (10k, better ones 100k, industrial grade usually 1M+)
    You dont have to use a hdd per se, but just a storage device which doesn't die after 100k write access cycles.

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