Installation from snapshoot failed

  • Hello,
    i installed the develversion of pfsenseand make the bootstrap.
    After that i make a ./ an make a iso file.
    The iso seems to be good, but if i'd like to install pfsense to the harddrive, the instaler won't start.

    After a few attemps i saw a message that the lua_installer didn't find a file called /usr/local/sbin/dfuife_curses

    So i decide to reinstall the develsystem,do the bootstrap, and make a new iso. But the same Error.

    The system i try to install the pfsense is a vmware workstation, but the error are on other systems (realy computers) the same :(

    Any Idea???


  • Run cvsup_bsdinstaller

    Building your own ISO is ununsupported so hopefully you can get it going with the above.

  • Hi,
    thanks for the answer. I've used cvsup_bsdinstaller and it works, but by the installscreen it wait endless for the backend :(

    So i prob is gone, another is there ;) But before a few days (10-14) this probs aren't there. All works nice and no probs.
    But i hope i find the prob and fix it. If i find answer i will tell you.

    But thanks for the idea and for the good work


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