Freeswitch & faxing

  • I've been working on getting freeswitch setup under pfSense.  I've run into an issue w/ the fax module though.  I'm able to receive faxes, but when I try to upload a .tif or .pdf to send a fax, the fax always fails.

    The logs show that sofia does connect to the remote fax successfully and the two sides begin negotiating, but eventually they give up and freeswitch records:

    Fax processing not successful - result (49) The call dropped prematurely.

    The version of freeswitch I'm running is: 1.0.trunk (13784)

    Has anybody successfully sent a fax from freeswitch on pfSense?  If so, is there anything I should try tweaking or checking?


  • I've sent faxes successfully but I have to say faxing with voip is really dependent on the voip provider. For example I have not had success with sending faxes with's service but have done it successfully with's service.

    There are additional fax settings in the /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/autoload_configs/fax.conf.xml xml file. This information may help as well.

  • Thanks mcrane.  I'm using Flowroute at the moment, so that may be part of the issue.

    I've bypassed the nice GUI you created and done most of the configuring by editing the config files.  Your GUI sure helped in getting things started though.  Thanks!

    It's interesting that I can receive faxes through flowroute, but can't send.  I've noticed that there seem to be some improvements in the faxing in the freeswitch trunk, so I'm going to try creating a package from that and applying it to my pfSense boxes tomorrow to see if that improves things too.

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