Frame Relay Support?

  • Hi people.

    I just would like to know if pfsense support frame relay?

    I have a network connected over a private line, both routers speak frame relay and both pass voice+data, I want to put my pfsense box in one point to manage all the traffic in one of the networks.

    LAN-A <–->router<---->private line <--->pfsense<--->router


  • boy, i'd be surprised.  you'd need some kind of PCI card, i'd guess, and then who knows?  you'd be better off just having a router do all that part of it.  you can still have pfsense do all the firewalling/QoS/etc…

  • Ok danswartz thanks.

    I have to figure out how to use pfsense inside my network.

    Thanks again!!!

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