Outbound NAT messup Trixbox register

  • Hi

    I have search the forum and i think a test almost everthing on google.
    I have a trixbox running behinde my pfsense server.

    So nat is working from the outside a can conenct to the trixbox server from outside and make calls with sound.
    I have open nat from the outside to the trixbox and change the outbound nat so that i can make calls.

    But now i have e new problem.
    Im using a sip truck so that i can make outgoing calls from my trixbox and out.
    And I can get the trunk to connect to the sip-trunk.

    But i cant get it to register.
    The trixbox is an virtual server and i have moved it to a behind a nother firewall and then it will register nicely.
    But as soon as i put it behind the pfsense firewall the registeration times out.

    i have tried to open the file filter and change the 5060 ports to 506 to stop making the pfsense to mess upp the ports.
    But nothing is working for me.

    So any ide what is wrong and what are the pfsense doing with the traffix comming out from it.
    and can you make it stop ?

    // Mattias

  • Change the outbound rule from automatic NAT to manual, and then check the box that says "static port" and see if that fixes it.

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