UPNP Problem

  • Hello Everyone,

    I've been using pfsense in my fraternity (anywhere from 50-100 devices connected at any time) for the past year or so with no problems. However, some of the folks who use gaming devices such as XBOX 360 and PS3 were complaining of the Strict NAT type. Now, since there are so many of these devices, port forwarding is not an option. The other option is UPNP.

    I've been having a long list of problems with UPNP. When I enable it, sometimes an XBOX will configure it fine, then 5 minutes later if you use that same one or a different XBOX, it won't work! And when it stops working, it's permanent. That means that UPNP only works for like the first five minutes after I start the miniupnpd process! That's ridiculous. They all are connected to the network and get valid IP's via DHCP. Now, I've tried everything suggested on this forum. This includes allowing multicast traffic, enabling static ports, etc… to no avail. I even upgraded to 1.2.3 RC3 and then downgraded back to 1.2.2 when it had no effect. Could someone make a suggestion as to how I can get these devices working with UPNP or another possible solution?


  • I have a similar problem.  I spent all weekend setting up pfSense for my home/office network.  Not too big a network: a few PCs, couple printers, smartphones, and a PS3.  I finally got everything configured and working OK, with WAN, LAN and the optional for my wireless router.  Now I cannot get my PS3 to run the media server, Playon.  Anyone have any ideas?

    I'm new to the forum, so hello everyone.

  • So today I spent some more time trying to get my PS3 to use UPnP to no avail…  UPnP is on in pfSense and I configured it according to a post on this forum.  I checked the PS3 and UPnP is enabled, and it's enabled on my wireless router as well (to which the PS3 will be connected).  My configuration is WAN, LAN, and OPT1WiFi.  I have the OPT1WiFi bridged with the LAN (not sure if this is correct, but it made the wireless work) and rules in the firewall are set to allow traffic to the device.

    Everything looks as if it should work but when I check the connection on my PS3, the UPnP service always says "not available."

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