Forward to Upstream SOCKS Proxy. No caching.

  • How do I forward ALL outgoing traffic to an upstream SOCKS5 proxy @ ?

    It is running on the same machine as the pfSense box itself, obviously. In fact, the proxy was initiated through the pfSense shell.

    I don't think I need Squid for this. I don't want to cache, and only a tiny fraction of all the data is HTTP data to begin with.

    It should just be a combination of NAT rules, but I can't figure it out.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: SOCKS5, not SOCKS4.

  • Alright, I threw in the towel and reinstalled Squid to try again. I still can't get it.

    Windows could do this in about 22 seconds flat. Installed PuTTy. Installed Proxifier. Bam. Everything worked. I've been banging my head against pfSense for nearly a month.

    I don't know jack about jack when it comes to networking and pfSense has allowed me to do some pretty amazing things.

    I can't believe there isn't a way to do this. I'm about to just have to install PuTTy and Proxifier on every single client machine, obsoleting the pfSense entirely. Utterly ridiculous.

  • The following configuration does not work:

  • Enabling the outbound NAT rules listed above are sufficient to shutdown all internet-bound traffic, I can't get out to the internet. It does not, however, interfere with in-network traffic, as I can still get to the pfSense box itself in my browser.

    So it's obviously CATCHING all the right packets, it just isn't doing the right thing with them.

    And this isn't really a package question, some moderator saw the word SQUID and immediately moved the thread to this forum.

  • Still no luck. Hoping somebody who knows what I'm doing wrong will read this.

    It's gotta be easy and I'm just missing something critical.

    It seems like a rather common thing to do.

  • I still can't figure this out. To reiterate:

    Proxifier is a simple Windows program that routes all outgoing traffic back through any destination of your choice, to proxy things that don't natively support a proxy.

    I'm looking to do the same thing with ALL outbound traffic through my pfSense box. behind which are a number of platforms, both Windows-based and non. The proxy is running on the pfSense box itself.

    How do I route all the traffic through this proxy? To the pfSense box itself, the proxy is located on localhost 8080. It was initiated through an "ssh -D 8080 … " command.

    As an additional question-mark which might be the source of my issues, I believe the ssh command initiated on the outbound network card, when the proxy should be accessible on the interior.

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