Dual Wan- 1 Lan

  • I am trying to setup a linux box to route two dynamic IPs from my ISP to two different web servers. I also need the ability to surf the net on other computers in the network. I have done some reading about this topic, but I can't find any real help or tutorial on how to do it.

    My ISP is Time Warner Cable, and they will not give me any Static IPs unless I switch to a business account. I have a box setting around that I thought that I could use for this purpose. I bought two more NICs to put into it, and I have done that. I started our with ebox, but there is no real help there.

    I think that this program can do what I need it to. My servers are running ISPConfig 3.0 on them for virtual web hosting. I am running a few sites, and I just wanted to add another to see if I could do it. The router that I had would not handle it, and I can't flash it with any other software. It is a D-Link 655. So I am here?

    Any suggestions on how to do this?


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