No filter logs in remote syslog

  • hi,

    i'm running two identical SOEKRIS 4801 boxes with the snapshot from set up with CARP failover. i specified a remote syslog server in the system logs settings and checked "system events" and "firewall events" to be logged there. i also checked "Disable writing log files to the local disk" to safe my CF card from to much write cycles.

    the remote syslog server receives all the "system events" (like XMLRPC syncing for CARP and load-balancer messages), but none of the "firewall events" are logged. when i login to box via SSH and watch the filter logs there are new messages every few seconds …

    what's wrong?


    obviously it was my own fault that just system-messages were logged in the remote syslog. just added the following lines to my syslog.conf and now everything works fine ...

    .                            /var/log/firewall.log
    .                            /var/log/firewall.log

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