• Traffic Graphs cannot Save Settings

    built on Wed Nov 4 04:54:21 EST 2009
    FreeBSD 8.0-RC2

  • When could it?

    No sarcasm intended, but I've primarily run 2.0AA forever (nearly a year, I'd guess), 8.0-based since they fixed the snapshot server, and my backup is 1.2.3 with the dashboard package.

    I've NEVER been able to save the settings for the bandwidth graphs display.  It always reverts to WAN being expanded, all others minimized, as soon as there's a page-refresh.

    Bothersome, but minor issue, for me…

  • Confirmed broken, yes. It's low on the list of priorities.

  • Oddly enough, this is fixed somewhat easily by simply backing up the configs, clean install, and restore of configs…  Suddenly, all Traffic Graphs on Dashboard start opened up fully.

    Of course, being picky, I'd rather just the WAN's started open, and that the graphs could be easily re-ordered, but this is better than before...

  • That has nothing to do with the fact that you reinstalled.  :)  An upgrade would have done the same. It was fixed to open all interface graphs by default, but there isn't an option to collapse anymore. Not yet sure if that was the intention of the change.

  • Ah, good.  Glad to see that it's making progress…

    Thanx!! ;D

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