Solved: Wireless Access Point Bridged to LAN -> Don't forget firewall rule.

  • I'm having trouble configuring an Atheros Wireless card (WLM54SAG) as an accesspoint on an Alix 2D3 board.  The card is recognized by PF Sense 1.2.3, It's identified by the hardware and has been assigned to an interface (OPT1) in the config, however, it doesn't seem to be assigning a DHCP Address when I connect.  I checked the DHCP Settings following the guide and it looks right but wasn't sure if anyone has any tips?  Could be a client-side thing and I'll check some more.

    Next, with the web-setup, it seems like you can only choose between A or B/G wireless, it can't serve as an AP for all bands?

    Lastly, I've read a few of the guides but haven't seen one that explained how to allow wireless clients to access the LAN / see other LAN devices?  Is this the right one: <- that was the right one, just needed to config the firewall.

    I know some folks recommend using a second WAP device and just connecting it with a LAN cable but I'm trying to avoid the extra power and use it as an all-in-one.

  • Little confused about what you are trying to do.  If you are trying to bridge WIFI and LAN, the WIFI doesn't get an IP - just click as bridged to the LAN (and maybe click the LAN as bridged to the WIFI too - I think that used to be necessary, not sure if still is, I do it and it works.)  Then, add an allow all rule on WIFI interface so the hosts can go wherever they want.  As far as a vs b/g, that might be a limitation of hostapd or the gui, dunno.

  • @eihcet:

    Next, with the web-setup, it seems like you can only choose between A or B/G wireless, it can't serve as an AP for all bands?

    Yes. Combination A and B/G cards run A or B/G. They operate on different bands. APs that serve both A and B/G have two radios.
    As for running wireless as an OPT interface on a separate subnet, there are plenty of people doing it.
    Just make sure the DHCP server is serving addresses on OPT1, and you have firewall rules permitting the OPT1 subnet out, and an AON rule with the OPT1 subnet. Check the logs and the wireless status and see what's happening.

  • You also need to have this rule on your Wifi interface to pass DHCP.,15677.msg82789.html#msg82789

  • Thanks, it was the firewall rule that was missing.  I thought when Opt1 was bridged to the LAN it would automatically pass all the protofcols/etc.  Should have read further.  That part was in the documentation I was reading I just didn't get that far into it… premature configuration.   :-[  Once I did that it started working great.

    I appreciate the specific rule for DHCP above, for now I'm opening all the ports "any" for the Opt1 / wifi interface as I want the wireless clients to be able to access other devices on the LAN without restriction.

    D'oh on the dual radios, I wrongly thought I could use an A/B/G card to operate on all bands, but I should have known that wasn't the case.  I understand why, just didn't really research that part or think it through.  Not a big deal as I'm just using it for home as a test.

    All in all seems to be working well.

    /Posting from a Wireless client.

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