Route LAN and OPT

  • Hi All.  I have the following setup:

    (WAN) –--pfsense ---LAN --- --switch  ---W2k8, DHCP, DNS, Radius, etc.
                    opt -
                      |----switch --- Mikrotik Routerboard -
                                laptop -

    I'm trying to route LAN and OPT.  I believe I've configured appropriate rules (basically to allow anything from LAN to OPT and from OPT to LAN)....but:

    1.  Laptop hardwired as in diagram, can ping Mikrotik @
    2.  Laptop hardwired as in diagram, can ping and,, etc.

    3.  Laptop wireless with address can ping, and
    4.  Laptop wireless with CANNOT ping (nor connect via Winbox)

    5.  Mikrotik can ping (static route in Mikrotik of via
    6.  Mikrotik cannot ping

    Firewall logs show traffic is allowed and going between LAN and OPT (it'll show pings from laptop to mikrotik), but the requests still time out.

    Should copying the default rule from the LAN interface be sufficient enough?  I'll delete my rules on OPT and try that if it's suggested.

    Thanks in advance!

  • plz post your rules! and you should the only bridge options for have 'opt1' set to (lan) and the 'type' set to static

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