Ipsec issue, ghost session on BAS

  • Hello,  sorry for my language, i'm french not fluent in english.

    I just requires a little help on a problem that has lasted for months, working at an ISP, I have a big problem in ipsec.

    A client who has migrated from us a few months ago, this plainds regularly cut ranging from 10 to 45 minutes.

    This standard of DSL, one or more cuts of one seconds is not unusual, what is less but it's time that makes the connection to be ok.

    Operator side, they do not see the cuts even when the router is KO. The PPP session is UP but well no traffic can either be issued or received.

    To get their hands on router are worried quickly we require a "kill" session on BAS. The operator out for a session on the phantom were low, which seems curious. The only case where this happens is when we cause a "shut" abrupt interface .. and yet it remains rare.

    We watched the logs on the RADIUS server, and also logs are curious, it seems that the reconnection is registered, but the hand may return after a few seconds to read it, and then put back to 40 minutes.

    We obviously look ready to configure the router (Cisco 800), but nothing special, it is a model that has been deployed on dozens of sites with the same configuration and was the only site that is problematic.

    The customer has reported that the line went very well before migrating to us as a customer ..

    If someone has already fallen on a similar problem, this would be listening with joi experience.

    Best regards,

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