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  • Hi,

    I'm making a package to manage fetchmail from pfsense. We have a windows based LAN with Active Directory and Exchange 2003, however given our low quality ADSL link, we fetch the emails from our web host with GFI Mail Essentials POP Connector for Exchange.
    The idea is to use fetchmail to replace MailEssentials and since making a package seems quite easy I'd like to share it with the comunity. However I'm having problems since my knowledge of unix like systems is very low, so I'd like to ask a few questions.

    1.- Where in the file system should I place the files? like the the .conf file or the rc file .sh?
    2.- How can I make the package download fetchmail if it's not installed? Has it to be compiled from source? Just download a binary for x86?
    3.- Is there any 'hook' to show the log messages from a package program?
    4.- Is it possible to have an 'Apply Changes' button like in the fw rules screen? or the resync must be called for every item changed when using the XML screen definition?

    Moreover, I'm just developping it for my needs which is multiple pop3 servers where fetchmail must forward the messages to Exchange's smtp. If someone knows of something else that can be done with it please feel free to explain me it so I can also implement that feature.


  • Please take a look at then ask questions if they are not clear.  This should cover a number of your questions.

  • Just make sure you work from the current fetchmail (6.3.x) as found at

  • @Cry:

    Just make sure you work from the current fetchmail (6.3.x) as found at

    Blah Blah - He surely will use the fetchmail package from the FreeBSD ports collection, cause this is the way to go.

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