Netgate embedded firewall - question

  • I am using the netgate m1n1wall firewall 2D3.
    Up to how many concurrent calls can this device handle? It doesn't have too much ram (256) MB and I plan on doing traffic shaping with this. I am just worried that this little device won't be able to handle such a heavy load because I do plan on putting 50-80 concurrent calls on the network, and more in the future. Note that I wont be using the sip proxy on the firewall; just a regular asterisk server.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Concurrent connections don't matter so much as total throughput. I'm not sure how much the numbers are reduced once you put traffic shaping on, but when sending in the clear an ALIX box like that can pass through about 80-85Mbit.

    As far as concurrent connections go, RAM would only matter in terms of state table size, and you can fit ~100,000 states in about 97MBytes of RAM. I'm not sure if traffic shaping adds any more overhead onto that.

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