Dual-Wan Problems

  • Hello,
    I'm assuming since others have reported success that I just must be doing something wrong with my dual-wan configuration…

    Here are the tentative steps I took to set it up:

    1. Configure WAN & OPT1 for DHCP.
    2. Add a gateway for each in System -> Routing -> Gateways.
    3. Create a group containing both "WAN" and "OPT1" gateways both "Tier 1".
    4. Change the default LAN rule to use the new group.
    5. Add two new top rules for each of the subnets/gateways associated with each WAN/OPT1.
    6. Enable sticky connections.

    After I configure it like this, one of the connections just stops working (ie, the box will try to route LAN clients to a randomized RR gateway, but it fails to route it to the correct interface or something). If I add in a rule before the default rule specifying a particular host on the LAN side to a particular gateway (say, WAN or OPT1) -- it works in that case.

    Any assistance, or requests for additional information would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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