PFsense generates ping from wan every minute. Firewall will not block ICMP

  • First off PFsense is awesome. Much kudos.

    I noticed every minute my WAN pings my router about every minute, with no fail.

    I can find no documentation anywhere about this.

    I have surveyed all my local machines very closely to see if they cause this, although I did not have this problem before using PFsense. Sure enough not a trace of ping is seen inside my LAN.

    So I set out to make firewall rules, at first blocking ICMP echo from WAN, it did not work.
    So then I used the specific IP of my WAN, rather than the variable " WAN address ". Still pinging from WAN every minute.
    Is this normal? I don't like the feeling it gives me when I have backdoor pings generating from a un-known source. I would think it is my fault specifically but when firewall rules do not stop it, I can only assume something of the build of pfsense is hardwired into the system generating these pings.

    I would seriously appreciate someone w/ a answer to reply, as I am about to drop it and just use pf. If my firewall OS is not completely under my control, it is not what I want.

    Thank you and good day.

  • Afaik the tool behind the RRD graphs pings the WAN once a minute to generate the WAN link quality graph.

  • This totally is what my problem was.

    Someone give this guy a raise!

    Thx much, I will keep enjoying this awesome firewall. ;D

  • Well i wouldn't consider it a problem.
    Just something to know :)

    You can disable the RRD graphs under:
    Status –> RRD Graphs --> Settings
    and then uncheck the "Enables the RRD graphing backend." checkbox.

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