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  • i'm using pfsense to setup a squid/lightsquid/etc machine for a company im working with…

    they want to make a super big squid (16gb ram + 1 TB disk array) for their WISPr in order to decrease youtube/orkut/etc load on their links...

    when i tried to install pfsense in such a machine i detected that the underlying FreeBSD did not accept memory above 4GB.

    How to solve this and make freebsd use all available memory ?

    I know that theres no 64bit version yet, but from what i read the computer MMU is able to deal with more than the 4GB directly addressable by the 32 bit registers of the CPU.

    Any help appreciated !

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    You can view how here

  • this still limits process memory to 4gb.

    and pfsense doesnt run in 64bit mode.

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  • hardware is too cheap now…

    i think pfsense needs a 64bits version.

    how much would be a 64bits pfsense port bounty ?

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    There has been some success with test builds of pfSense on a 64bit kernel, but I'm not sure if it's planned for actual support in 2.0 or not.

  • LOL 16 gig of ram! damn that'd be funny…but since you know it wont support it now...and it seems you want it for basically like a fast cache setup or something...maybe read up and setup a SSD...they are getting pretty cheap now...and the initial write may be painfully slow (at least on the cheaper SSD's, but if you are willing to spend money..the expensive ones writes are pretty fast.....but the cheap ones reads are pretty damn fast...for caching though...after you get a good chunk of data, you'll be doing a lot of reads.

    just a thought of a workaround for ya.

    good luck.

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