Upgrade ALIX to 1.2.3 rc3

  • I am currently using a netgate 2d3 with version 1.2.3 RC2 and realize that the disk usage is at 83%
    After doing some research I see that it is best to upgrade the device
    What image should I be selecting in the mirrors download page? If I mess this up I do not have a serial to connect directly to this motherboard so I hope I can get this right the first time.
    If someone reading this thinks that upgrading won't help, where else can I check? This router has only been active for 4 months and 83% usage is a lot
    Thank you

    1. Are you running embedded or nano?
      1b) If nano, what size image?
      1c) If nano, are you running any packages?
    2. What size is your CF card?

  • I have it very similarly set up for a client and just checked his setup. His disk size is at 70% so I would also want to get this working. How can I find out all this stuff? Where in SSH/GUI do I go to for this info?

  • When you log in does it say 'embedded' or 'nanobsd'?
    If you have a system, packages, what does it say is installed?
    Go to diagnostics, command and enter df -h that will show you how much space you are using on the filesystem. For nano, the root file system is slightly less that 1/2 the image size.
    You could also try du -d1 / that will show you the size of the directories.
    An embedded system without packages should not write much, mostly just the rrd graphs.

  • It says embedded. This is what the upgrade guide says:
    Only the new nanobsd-based embedded supports upgrades. For those using an embedded release pre-1.2.3, you need to reflash with the appropriate sized nanobsd release for your CF card.

    So am I in trouble now? No way to upgrade unless I use the console?

  • The key point is that the old embedded installs do not support upgrades - you have to perform a reflash (that is, wipe and start fresh).

  • The disk usage will never grow on embedded (unless you start making modifications outside the web interface). Things like logs are all strictly in RAM. It'll sit there at whatever it's at now forever. So you don't need to upgrade thinking you're running out of space, you won't.

    Getting on the nanobsd embedded (1.2.3-RC3) is preferable so you have the current supported, upgradeable embedded. But there is no impending issue because you're low on space (you were to begin with, that hasn't changed).

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