HTTPS on pfsense and another box

  • Greetings

    I have the following rule to enable access to pfsense using https:

    TCP * * WAN address 443 (HTTPS) *

    and it works fine.

    But, I have another box (a web server, https) in my LAN that i want to access from outside using HTTPS
    What do I have to port forward on pfsense in order to access that box ? should it be something like that:

    WAN TCP 443 (HTTPS) 443 (HTTPS)
                (or any other port)  (ext.:

    I believe this will cause a conflict.
    Another thing, "External port range" (in NAS)  is the destination port in the packet heading for pfsense, is that right?

  • You should move the webGUI to a different port if you want to have 443 for your webserver.

    Yes "External port ranges" is the destination port in the packet going to the pfSense from the outside.
    The pfSense then rewrites it to whatever you define and sends it to your server.

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