Question about blocked websites & dual wan

  • I have two internet connections coming into my office.
    A T1 through Verizon which is owned by my uncle and utilized within his company, and my own DSL connection from Verizon.
    I set up my pfsense where the WAN port hooks up to the DSL via PPPOE and the OPT1 interface hooks up via DHCP (its IP is into my uncle's network.
    The network utilizes a sonicwall firewall with content filtering enabled. I tried playing around with the following and no success. I prefer to use the T1 for web browsing (and dedicate the DSL for voip and a few other low-bandwidth apps) but the problem is, a lot of websites are blocked within the network so that workers don't surf the web during work.
    So, I tried getting into the LAN firewall rules and creating a rule where DNS port 53 uses my DSL connection (there is already a rule whereeverything else for outbound traffic except voip uses the T1, and it works great), hoping that I can bypass the blocked websites that way. Unfortunately, it did not work.
    Did I do something wrong?
    Is there a loophole or no hope?
    I figured that not using the sonicwall DNS servers would be a loophole to this.
    I am hoping it is and that I did something wrong.
    Thanks a lot

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