Multiple Pfsense on multiple wan connections

  • Hi,

    I am stuck in the company with 3 internet connections (3, 1 and 2 Mbps) that are located in different buildings. The buildings are connected together but the LAN is pretty primitive. So far on each connection I have a different firewall and users are separated by subnet and default gateway to use one of the firewalls.
    As you realize this is a quite inefficient use of the internet bandwidth and often I end up with a link saturated while the other links have some room to spare.

    Is there a method by which I can set up 3 pfsense boxes (one on each connection) to achieve the following:

    a) if the bandwidth is exhausted on one internet link forward the request to the next pfsense box (with another internet link)
    b) if one box fails have another box handle the traffic

    Point B is less important to me (I guess CARP could be a solution) but point A would be a really interesting setup, however I have no idea how it could be achieved.

    Is this a job for pfsense? Is squid cache able to achieve this? Do the wizards on this forum have any other suggestions?

    Thank you so much….

  • You could join the 3 WAN in 1 pfSense box with VLAN, Load balancing and failover.
    It will not do anything to a saturated link but will split the load over the 3 WAN.
    It do require some network and pfSense experience to pull it off, so a support subscription can make sense.

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