Drop-box - Package squid not works

  • Hi folks,

    One more time I´m asking help for you.

    Now I´m using pfsense 1.2.3 RC3 under VMware ESXi (VM is in the version 7), the performance is amazing, thanks to developers for incredible software.

    But recently I installed squid package to test under VMware, but when i switch the drop box for other step (like Access list, Cache Management) not works, the page isn´t loaded, I try to reinstall but not works too.

    Someone get that error too?

    Thanks one more time.


  • There has been many posts on this. IE doesn't seem to work properly. It has been doing so for a long time…. Using firefox will work fine.

  • In this case I was using Chrome, tried IE too and not works, firefox not too =/.

    But I solved. I install 1.2.2 version and there isn´t drop box, just tabs and works =).

    Thanks for answer.

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