Making a DHCP IP static: did i do it right?

  • I just want to be sure that I have a new internal IP set to static within pfSense.  The guy who is helping me transfer everything from my old DNS (and mail) server says that the IP on my new computer has to be static.  –I'm using DHCP in /etc/rc.conf.

    In the pfSense "Services" column I chose the services_dhcp.php page, went to the bottom where the leases table is displayed.  There I entered the MAC address of the card, the IP address, and the hostname.  At the top, I clicked on "Apply changes" ... and that's about it.  My friend says it is better to use a higher IP in the range, but I think that by making the table entry ensures that my local IP is static.  Did I get it right?


    gary kline

  • I can't imagine why it makes a difference whether the IP is at the upper end of the range or not.

  • I have no idea why he said I should choose an IP at the higher range.  Just want to know if I have the DHCP-selected IP set static.

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