PfSense routing abilities

  • Good day!
    There are two local area networks wich I need to connect to the internet. Moreover, there is need to keep networks seperate from one another. I would like to set pfSense on a machine with 3 ethernet cards, and configure interfaces as: 1)LAN1 2) LAN2 3) WAN.
    Is it really possible to make on pfSense or I should try to use FreeBSD instead?
    If it is(I really hope it is) I would be glad if You could give me some tips on how to make it.
    Many Thanks to YOU!

  • Yes, you just set up the two LAN interfaces with different subnets. Then create an allow rule on each Interface that goes to anywhere but the other interface's subnet. This will allow both networks to get on the Internet while blocking communication with each other.

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