Free open source hardware for pfSense?

  • Hello.

    Is there any free open source hardware to use with pfSense?

  • Define "free open source hardware" ?

    (Schemas and Layout availlable?)

  • Strange question. Opensource is about software where the source code isn't public, so can't be moderated. Any hardware that can run Windows, Linux or Dos is potentially good enough for Pfsense; see the Pfsense website. So all hardware that can be used with pfsense is opensource.

  • @GruensFroeschli:

    Define "free open source hardware" ?

    (Schemas and Layout availlable?)

    Yes. The hardware I personally can produce and sell legally having pfSense installed there. Say, I would like to produce my own router ;)

  • I'm not aware of any x86 open hardware projects, but there are a few out there for ARM. Ethernut comes to mind, but it probably doesn't have enough RAM to make a decent router out of. Wiki tells me about ECB AT91 which seems like it would be powerful enough to make a decent router-on-a-stick, but pfSense has not been ported to ARM.

  • Ok, thanks. If you will come across some, drop a message here please.

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