Nat + Wan failover causing problems on wan fail

  • Right, pfsense 1.2.1 , running in a dual wan setup, with a dsl provider on wan port, and a cable provider on OPT1. both have direct external ip's, the wan port through ppoe session on an ethernet modem (bridged) the opt1 through a cable modem. Failover configured in the loadbalancer through the guide on the wiki.

    Few NAT entries setup for vpn access and some standard stuff like ssh ports (22 and an alternate on 443) on both WAN and OPT .

    Works like a charm, both the failover , and the NAT on both interfaces.

    only… If the wan link is down, all regular traffic is nicely rerouted through opt, as it should be, but, all port forwards on the opt link die immediatly, and are no longer available,  until the wan link is restored. Which is not the behaviour i either want, or expect.

    I couldnt find any related things on google or with the forum search, to i thought i might ask it here.

  • Known issue because of the way FreeBSD's routing table works, make sure you always have link on WAN (doesn't have to be an Internet connection, just link). There's a ticket open to fix for 2.0.

  • hmm, strange, since the wan link is physically always up, its either the ppp session that dies, or an upstream router, so that there is no more dataconnectivity, but physical link stays up.

    Offcourse, if bsd looks at the PPOE session, than that could be the cause.

    Anyway, i can live with it untill 2.0 comes out.

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