Comcast problem

  • From time to time I have to just reboot either PF or COmcast Cable to get internet again. Did fresh installation and no luck.

    When I use Linksys router no problems at all for months. I even tried to clone a mac of Linksys in PF but no luck.

    I don't have any extra plug-in installed, just fresh installation on P4 2.8GHz, 512RAM, 40GB HDD -

    My question is: did anyone have similar problem?


  • I have seen a number of reports in the past few years that the freebsd dhcp client sometimes does not play well with comcast.  Wish I had more specific info.  What has been reported as "working" is to reboot the firewall, or maybe to take the interface down and bring it back up, since that seems to initiate a full-blown dhcp cycle.

  • Yes I did before. It was ok for a couple of days. It happns every 3 - 4 or 5 days. If run with Linksys router - it can stay weeks….

    I have tried a couple of options from PF forum regarding Comcast and so far no luck.



  • I wish I could help.  I have seen 3 different gateway platforms based on freebsd have this issue: m0nowall, pfsense and gnatbox.

  • I have Endian ISO and will give a shoot ….......

  • I have a similar problem on Rogers Cable (Canada) - from time to time pfsense WAN seems to have problems renewing it's DHCP lease and entire LAN has no Internet until you restart pfsense, or release/renew router's WAN DHCP lease.

    I have found this fantastic script that pings hosts and restarts the interface if there's no reply. I've set it to run every hour, and had no problems ever since.,17243.msg89348.html#msg89348

  • i have tried recentrly Monowall and looks like it is stable ;however, it does not have so many options as pfsense

    there must be some fix for DHCP options on WAN

    Reseting router every a couple days does not make sense ….


  • ok, 1st, i would like to say, that i have comcast. and have been running pfsense now for 2 years without any issues as u describe at all.
    in fact i'm running 3 modems without incident.  but, i guess every area is different.

    heres a thought th0, u say it works fine with yer linksys. ok, then do this. ….
    connect your cable modem to the linksys. then connect the linksys to yer PF box.
    then in the linksys, set DMZ to the ip that PF gets.
    problem solved..
    its a bit of messing around, but it should just do the trick...
    if thats not sumthin u want to do, then i'd say try that script sum1 else posted... unless it didnt work 4 u either.
    anyways, just a thought...
    good luck!


  • Thanks for any advices. I agree that Comcast might be different in different areas. I like very much the features that PF provides as I think the only one at market. I have tried PF with different hardware and the same result. The idea with DMZ and using Linksys is not bad, at least I will try to give it shot.

    Thanks all for advices.

  • I have reinstalled pfsense again and looks like I was wrong in this particular exmaple. Pfsense working like charm and did not do any scripts. Have another problems but I will open another thread.

    Thank You ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We switched from satellite to Comcast Cable for internet 3 months ago. For the last 4 weeks our service has been out for 3-4 days each week. The first time, the tech came out and said squirrels had eaten the lines and he fixed them. The next week we had to wait 5 days before they came out and it went back on by itself before they came. The next week, the same thing. They came anyway and checked everything, but no problem showed up - because it was working. Now it's out again and they can't come for 2 days again. We replaced the modem and that's not the problem. All the wiring is new. Comcast claims there's no service outabge in the area, it's just us. Help!

  • is your service Business Class or Residential?  I have BC and when I have had problems in the past they sent a tech out the same day.  also, when you are having problems, log into your modem's diagnostic page and record things like upstream power, downstream power, signal to noise ratio and everything in the log area.  it also helps if you have something like PingPlotter running pinging your first comcast hop.  now with all this information at hand, call tech support every time your service is down and give them all the information you have collected.  keep track of who you talked to, the tracking number and the date and time of the call.  if the problem persists,  ask to have your problem kicked up to the next level.  if all that fails, ask to speak to a supervisor.  if that fails, call and ask to speak to a customer retention rep.  if you still can't get the problem resolved, it's time to switch providers.  all this works MUCH FASTER if you have Business Class Service!

    Good luck!


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