Inbound Load Balancing with Authoritive DNS

  • I am very new to the whole business of load balancing so please forgive me if I'm asking stupid questions. :-[

    I am familiar with the concept of outbound load balancing but …..

    I have a client who wants to balance the load between 3 ADSL connections so that remote users (some of them mobile as well) can access corporate Terminal Server sessions.

    I can see that the device that does the load balancing will need some sort of DNS server that passes back the IP address of the ADSL connection to use for the actual Terminal Server session.

    I have looked at hardware routers such as the Xincom XC-DPG603 but they all seem to only support dual WAN.

    On the face of it, pfSense seems to offer what I need but I can't seem to find out anywhere whether pfSense supports inbound load balancing.

    Can anyone tell me please - and if so, does anyone have any instructions on how to set it up.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  • You have to make the clients to connect to different public IPs. This is not what pfSense calls inbound loadbalancing. Inbound is distributing requests that come in on one interface to multiple servers. What you need is making the clients use different WANs (public IPs) to connect to. You need a DNS-Server that resolves the DNS for the terminalserver each time to the next of your wan IPs. pfSense can handle different WANs but it can't do the job of the DNS that resolves the requests. You need a DNS solution for this on top of your multiwan pfSense.

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