• FreeSWITCH died on me, I noticed that clients were timing out and service was stopped but did start again with no problem. I'm just curious what could be the reason for this, I see no other problem in the system and no other service is stopping. At this time FreeSWITCH had no load at all, only one logged on client.

    I use 1.2.3 RC3 and FreeSWITCH 0.9.5

    I also have noticed during a long time that pfS has a steadily incrasing RAM usage as reported on first page, after each reboot. In my case it climbs from 35% to 80% during a number of days and then it seems to stay put around that value. This may or may not have anything to do with the initial question here but is still very visable. It also shows clearly in the RRD graphs, at least it is indirectly shown in the processor pictures, since they seem to correspond totally, see attached pic.

    Each drop in the curve indicates a reboot.

    Right now RAM is 80% but after reboot that number drops to some 40%. Also after restart of FreeSWITCH that number drops significantly, indicating that FreeSWITCH is behind a large portion of the usage?

    Any comments, are these info anything relevant?