I need an IP on the wan if (vr0 not ng0)

  • hi,

    I have a dsl modem that gives me snmp data. but my internal server for collecting these info, as I can't access it. this is how it is:

    modem –- (vr0) pfsense (rue0) --- lan

    I have pppoe running ok, and all VIP's I set are to ng0, not vr0 as I need (maybe I'm doing this wrong). is there anyway to do this ?
    I tried VIP and got nothing, then I tried to add alias via ifconfig but there is a rule in pf for antispoof that blocks that ip range.

    if I do ifconfig vr0 and then try to ping, I get nothing :(

    I tried to create a vlan interface on that to no avail :( it should work ? did I do anything wrong ?



  • update:

    tried ping and ifconfig vr0, and it is ok. now I need that the machine where I have my snmpd can get there as well. but the ping from it goes out through vr0 but using pppoe public's ip, not the vr0 has !

    netstat -rnf inet shows me the box has vr0 as route to 192.168.253/24. so I can't get why it doesn't work :(



  • http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/How_can_i_access_my_PPPoE_Modem_on_WAN
    [/ quote]

    I've seen that, but so much time ago I used redir and it could just redir tcpp ports. and I need an udp redirect :(

    I read the readme from newest version and no mention of udp also

    thanks anyway :)