• Hello,

    I've got a problem here, and can explain the effect I have here…

    pfSense 1.2.2, 6 NICS, two WANs, LAN, WLAN. Currently WAN connected, WAN2 without connection currently. Now I'd like all the traffic from LAN to be routed through WAN2, while all the rest can use WAN.
    I've switched to manual NAT, configuring both WAN for both LAN/WLAN (four entries). I also set one rule in the firewall settings of LAN, all traffic from LAN network to * through gateway WAN2.
    If I connect to LAN with a computer, I can still reach the internet (so going through WAN), although I set the rule mentioned above and there is no network attached to WAN2. I shouldn't be able to reach the internet.
    Is there some kind of implicit failover?

    Anyone got an idea how to solve this?

    Many thanks for your help!