(Solved) PfSense keep forgetting rules/aliases etc. on Soekris

  • Hi,

    Iam currently redesigning my PfSense firewall setup to make use of aliases instead of single rules on each interface. But my Soekris is starting to act kind of strange. When I delete rules or add new ones, PfSense not always does what it's supposed to do. Somethimes when I add more rules and apply them, they disapear after some time. Also the comments on the rules and aliases are not always updated as a type in a description. When I delete multiple rules they are back after some time, it seems to work out after some time if I just keep trying, but I can't find any pattern.

    I think it started after I have used "Easy rule creator" I know this function is experimental, and therefor deleted all the rules made by this function and made my own. But the problem didn't disappear.

    Anyone experiened the same?

    Best regards


  • what release?

  • Version 1.2.2

  • installation may be corrupt?  i would highly recommend upgrading to 1.2.3 RC3…

  • That also crossed my mind, but it have been running fine for 6 months or so…

    Is that version stable enough for implementing in production enviroment?

  • rock solid, i would say.  if nothing else, reinstall 1.2.2 and restore your config - something may have gotten corrupted.

  • Okay maybe I should just upgrade and see if it works out that way. Thanks!