• I can't seem to find any clear answer to this: whether or not pfSense must be an entire stand-alone computer, or if it is possible to share it with another platform.

    In my plans and actions of axing my power bills, I have cut from four computers to three: my main BSD server handles DNS, mail, and web.  –It is a new Dell Duo with CPU and disk to spare.  My network guy warns against doing anything else with the server such as building a jail and making a desktop out of the jail.  The next obvious question is: can I put pfSEnse somewhere else?

    Currently, the router from the wall plugs into my standalone pfSense; then a second network connection runs to my switch.  The switch runs to other computers here.  The only tower computer is my main FBSD desktop.  I realize that I can only get too thrifty before things risk derailing.  But if any other forum members can clue me in on other pfSense configurations, I wound be very grateful.