ALTQ support using axe based USB NIC - conflicting documentation

  • First of all, I'm new to pfsense and freebsd and learning as I go along so have mercy.

    Second, I'm trying to find a use for a Via Epia N motherboard I have laying around. This board has a via ethernet card that according to official documentation is supposed to have altq support:

    I gather I need altq support in order to enable traffic shaping, something that I desire in order to get my sip-phone to work well while other network traffic is heavy.

    Anyway, my second nic is out of necessity an USB one since the via board has (virtually) no other options (mini-pci to ethernet being rather uncommon). I have a Datel USB > Ethernet dongle intended for the Nintendo Wii that seems to work fine with pfsense using axe-drivers as long as I don't fiddle around with traffic shaping, if I do I get a message that not all my cards have altq support. Now I've noticed that the documentation listed above mentions that axe-drivers do not have altq support but I've also found this:

    Even the 6.2 version of freebsd mentions altq support in axe drivers in the release notes, so what is causing my problems? I know my way around hardware and I can take instructions on what to do in a console but fiddling with source-code of operating systems and drivers is a little out of my league. I know some Java and Python, that's about it.

    Any enlightening help on this issue is my most welcome!
    Sorry for a long first post!  ::)

    Edit: I'm using (and haven't tried anything else) 1.2.3-RC3 if this is of any relevance